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  • Water Heater Repairs, Maintenance, Replacement

  • New Installations of:

    • Electric, Hybrid / Heat Pump

    • Tankless / On Demand

    • Gas

    • Propane

    • Oil-fired Water Heaters

  • Toilet Repairs, Replacement, new installation          

  • Faucet Repair, Replacement, new installation

  • Install or replace fixture shutoff valves and supply lines

  • Outside faucet repair, replacement and new installation

  • Water pipe repairs copper, PEX, CPVC

  • Drain repairs PVC, copper and cast iron

  • Unclog fixture drains (Sorry we do not do main drains at this time)

  • Install and replace dishwasher

  • Install, unclog and replace garbage disposal

  • Install icemaker line, hook up icemaker

  • Install or replace laundry valve, washing machine hoses

  • Install utility or laundry sink

  • Tub/Shower Valve repair and replacement

  • Tub drain repair and replacement

  • Install vanity, sink, faucet and drain

  • Repair or replace pop-up drain assembly

  • Install outdoor shower

  • Install or replace water main shut off valve

  • Install or replace pressure reducing valve

  • Install or replace Irrigation Vacuum Breaker

  • Install Secondary water meter for Irrigation

  • Install or replace backflow preventers

  • Install water filtration systems

  • Install Electronic Leak Detection system

  • Thaw frozen water lines

  • Repair burst water pipes


  • Heating system maintenance/ tune up
    (Clean flame sensor, clean burners, clean blower wheel, inspect heat exchanger, perform combustion test/ efficiency test)

  • System troubleshooting

  • ”No heat” diagnostic and repair


Gas Heat

  • Gas furnace repair
    (Replace hot surface ignitor, replace gas valve, replace pressure switch, replace inducer fan motor, replace blower motor, replace flame sensor, replace furnace Control Board)

  • Gas boiler repair
    (replace circulator pump, check valve, air vent, zone valve, transformer, gas valve, expansion tank, automatic fill valve, safety relief valve, boiler drain)

  • Purge heating system

  • Repair leaking heat pipe

  • Thaw frozen pipes

  • Add or maintain antifreeze

  • Flush heating system


Oil Heat

  • Oil furnace repair/ service

  • Oil boiler repair/ service

  • Replace oil line, shut off valve, oil filter, tiger loop De-aerator

  • Replace oil nozzle, electrodes, ignition transformer, oil pump, oil burner, oil burner motor, flue piping


Air Filtration

  • Indoor air quality

  • Install and service humidifier

  • Install and service UV light

  • Install high quality air filters and housing

  • Duct work modifications, sealing and insulating


Air Conditioning

  • Spring start up

  • Maintenance
    (Clean outdoor condenser, clean indoor coil, clean and flush condensate line, check refrigerant levels, replace customer supplied air filter)

  • “No cooling” diagnostic/ troubleshooting

  • Refrigerant leak search

  • Refrigerant line repair

  • Replace capacitor

  • Replace contactor

  • Replace outdoor fan motor

  • Replace outdoor condenser

  • Replace indoor evaporator coil

  • Replace condensate pump

  • New air conditioning system installation

  • AC system replacement

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